Justan Mackowski & Matt Sullivan, Featuring: Tony Marinacci & Cory McRae Shattered Dreams
(Radio Mix)
TMEAS53CD 5:16
3/05/2002 Freestyle Rap

Parental Advisory Alert

Music & Arrangement By: TONY MARINACCI &

Instruments: TONY MARINACCI &

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by: TONY MARINACCI
Assistant Producer & Second Engineer: CORY McRAE
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: TME Studio (U) - Pittsburgh, PA

Rap 1
Double fisted fresh off this weed
Now I'm twisted devil red eye
Smoke it up why so I can get by
I'm livin' day by day up on these foggy streets
Up 24 hours 7 days a week
But I got no time to sleep
But what I see broke rhymes
Same lines
Endless mic crimes
Bet my lines rhymes cause I keep em one of a kind
I'm always out to outshine
Guaranteed to blow your mind
If ya missed something push stop
Now rewind

Feelin' trapped cause it's about do or die
Gotta speak up tell the truth and not lie
Feel the pain don't wanna cry
So I sigh
Rely on my instincts to bring me by
My thoughts be the first thing that I bring to your game
With a little bit of virtue
Make you feel pain
Threw my rhymes but not physically hurt you
Looking for the truth
But can't find where it's at up on these track's
I never came short
I never come whack spittin' facts

Never off always exact
Like a Jedi I walk with the force
Don't try to fight it
Just relax and let me run my course
I'm destined to be a paid millionaire
Fuck it I'm a cheat
Cause I'm tired of playin' fair
I take sight aim and focus my stare
Owe love shine from above
It got to be a pair
And now we comin' to your spot we gonna rock it
Ya can't stop it
Yo see the train fly high
Hop it

Rap 2
Smokin' on la
I watch my life fly by
Check my 3rd eye my insights
Show you how I get mine
While I ease back
Inhale contact
I'm a keep my scrilla hundred dolla bills to stack
So I proceed not to pass up my last opportunity awaitin
Hustlin' on the grind with no debatin'
Paperchasin' never waitin why you hatin'
On these Caucasians tryin' to make it
You got a problem wake it

Before I take it to a whole notha procedure
Need ya know a thing would help ya
Still I meet ya
Battle of the beat ya
Eat ya
Pittsburgh city street ya
Fuck what each of ya is reachin' for
I'm teachin y'all a lesson
Is you testin' my aggression
Offendin' many on a mission
Any wishful thinkin' is an essence
Like an inscent burnin' in the distance
Take this for an instance

When the time is right that's when I strike with allegiance
I'm livin' the playa's life hard times keep it shyst
I'm a rollin' with wiseguys it's time to rise and see the sights
I smoke up the contact to help me keep my mind on fact
And now I don't care about you busta's out to get my stacks
Straight rollin' the east a beast who's quick to let the slugs release
My life is unique with technics that blow you out ya seat
Before that you knew ya shoes will hit the crete and saturate
Like bloody sheets

Shattered Dreams
Too many lives they headed for the gutter
All that matters cream greed will it take me under
Too many what's and why's leaves my mind to wonder
Plenty blunts and lines free my mind draino like a plumber
Rap 3
Pitts of the burgh D-L city not really shitty earned
Philly to burn what up playa's my lyrics makin' turns
Y'all discouraged I never yearn I come full return
Try to learn my mental mind frame, fuck all concerns
Gotta keep it firm heard what I said you get what you deserve
Comin' out the burgh full fledged you getting burned
Y2K been on the rise of these skirts
So I disguise my shirts
Wiseguys put in the work so don't despise you perps

I'm rollin' with my head in the sky that's the limit
My playa's do the shit for the business
Don't try and ride my type
I speak these lines cause I'm tired of livin' trife
Rhyme from deep inside
Way beyond the sunshine
So where's ya interest, defenseless
When I shift my motion with dependence
And devotion
Hopin' I can smooth the potion to ya body
I smoke these tow philly's the size of shotty's

Getting to the party I park the hotty
Intrude the premises
And introduce my elegance
For my delegates
They make you look so delicate
For embezzlement
We flip it so much betta when you look at us
And start lowin' out in full astonishment
Ya garments foolishness
We armed up from the wrist
Got this game locked like parliament
So honor it
Cop that brick get rid of it
Don't hold onto it that's ignorant

Rap 4
Label me the harder dude
And like Chris Carter I always score that's what I do
Getting' high only leads to mic's gettin' fried
We blowin they minds
Makin' they tongues feel tied
Thoughts mesmerized
Leavin with a gleam and twinkles in the eyes
We pullin' out rhymes from deep inside
I thought you heard a
On these mic's it's murder
But fuck a petty crime
Went from slimy to shiny
My style rugged and grimy
On top is where you find me

It was rock in the 80's
Now let me pause
Thank God
For hip-hop in the 90's
Now in the two thou'
Who can stop me
Never in on spot do I stand
Like Tarzan
I'm swinging from vine to vine
Singing line after line
Bringing rhyme after rhyme
Somebody give me a contract to sign
Ya best believe I'll cross the T's and dot the I's
There's no more waitin' in line
Yo it's time to ride
I'm a vet like a jet

I take flight
I done ripped it terrific
I'm out of sight
Who's the one who sparks this
I turn your darkness to light
It's going down
Damn right tonight's the night
Cause all my life it seems like I've been on my own
Empty heart inside I'm dying my soul it moans
Same frequency but a different tone
I'm feelin' numb now cause the fire all gone


Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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