John Vento & the Nied's Hotel Band - Nied's Hotel 2 Nied's Hotel
(Vento - Fox - Hall)
BPG, Inc / TME - 07182006 5:13
2006 Country Rock


Nied's Hotel video
By: John Vento & the Nied's Hotel Band

Music By: JOHN FOX
Arrangement By: BUDDY HALL

Background Vocals: BUDDY HALL
Banjo, Bridge Piano & Percussion: BUDDY HALL
Acoustic Guitar: JOHN FOX &
Electric Guitar & Toy Ukelele: JOHN FOX
Pedal Steel: GARY JACOBS

Executive Producer JOHN VENTO
Produced & Mixed by: BUDDY HALL
Recorded at: Beacon Hill Recording Studio - Dormont, PA
Additional Drums Recorded at: Studio A - Swissvale, PA
Engineered by: ROB GARRISON
Pro Tools Engineering by: BUDDY HALL
Pro Tools Technical Assistance & Mastered by: ROB GARRISON

Welcome to Nied's everybody!
This is a song about an imaginary place
that actually exhists ...

Now let me paint a picture of a place called Nied's
In 1941 Pope Paul sowed the seeds
Came a son named Jimmy, did the best he can
That little boy grew into a hell-uv-a man

Can't seem to drink anywhere else in town
Charlie sets em up, Schmitty knocks em down
Say you're kinda hungry, well your lucks just right
Get your famous fish sandwich at Nied's Hotel tonight

Wow wee Maloney really could paint
Now one runs a grill like old Slickville Dave
Roy Kawolski's tickets are fraud
Theresa and Nancy classy broads

A cope named Leslie
Don Devinny too
Lady Di and Mi Mi, Jo Murry have a few
Tonight at Ceasar's Palace Lenny makes em' laugh

Drunkin' "Krenn Heads" scream real loud
The Rat sure got the shaft

Hanging out on a Monday night
It's Dash and his bowling buddies
Kenny Brunsell broke his leg
Trying to dance real funny

When Mike the bartender serves her twelve
Maggie turns to Cybil
Lovable Len, the working mans friend
Says "Packy's really in trouble, again"
It's called creative family planning
The Animal caught a real bad break
But we know he'll be all right
Standing tall with all our hope and faith
He'll make it through another day
We all will pray Steve will be ok

Johnny V. and Herky playing pool
Barbie and Amy always dealing with them fools
You know those old Ford Brothers are so loud
Wild Miss Kitty, always drinking proud

Jimmy's got two kids of his own today
Two handsome boys, Ronnie and P.J.
Say your kind of thirsty, well your lucks just right
Get your Iron City beer at Nied's Hotel tonight

"John Fox would like to dedicate his work on Nied's Hotel to his grandmother Mary Louviaux. Mary was a highly respected jazz pianist for over six decades in the Pittsburgh area. She was also a life long student and friend of Johnny Costa, long time musical director for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Mary Louviaux touched many lives through her music."

Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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