John Fiore Mr. Cool
BPG, Inc / TME - 10092007 3:03
2007 Rock

Words, Music & Arrangement By: JOHN FIORE

Background Vocals: JOHN FIORE
Guitar, Bass & Drums: JOHN FIORE

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by: JOHN FIORE
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: Fiore Studios - Monroeville PA

Verse 1
Well it's a Saturday night and I'm headin to the high school dance
I got my hair slicked back, tight T-shirt and peg leg pants
Well I'm the King Of The Rock and I invented the Roll
Yeah you know that I'll be ready
Got the top down on the Chevy

I'm the man with the plan
Yeah they call me Mr. Cool

Verse 2
Well it's always a blast down at the drive in Burger Delight
There's little Rhonda on her Honda and oooh she's giving me the eye
Well she shot me a smile yeah she's looking so right
Yeah she's gonna be mine before the end of the night

Cause I'm the man with the plan
Yeah they call me Mr. Cool

I'm Gonna shine up the ride
I'm Gonna load up the boys
Yeah we'll be cruzin tonight
Yeah we'll be makin some noise

When you're hanging with me
You know the fun doesn't stop
Cause I'm the king of cool
I'm goin straight to the top

Sax Solo

Verse 3
Well I'm the meanest cat who ever walked through the halls of this school
Yeah the girls all know it, and the guys just call me cool
And I really don't care what tomorrow might bring
I got the world in my hands, I got the world on a string

Yeah Iím the man with the plan
Yeah they call me Mr. Cool

A ooh, A ooh, A ooh, Ahhhhhhhh

Verse 1

Yeah I'm the man with the plan
Yeah they call me Mr. Cool

Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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