John Vento & the Nied's Hotel Band - Nied's Hotel 2 Mount Carmel Ridge
(Vento - Quinn - Hall)
BPG, Inc / TME - 07182006 4:46
2006 Rock


Words By: JOHN VENTO &
Music & Arrangement By: ANDY QUINN

Background Vocals: BUDDY HALL
Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Percussion: BUDDY HALL
Guitar & Bass: REB BEACH

Executive Producer JOHN VENTO
Produced & Mixed by: BUDDY HALL
Recorded at: Beacon Hill Recording Studio - Dormont, PA
Additional Drums Recorded at: Studio A - Swissvale, PA
Engineered by: ROB GARRISON
Pro Tools Engineering by: BUDDY HALL
Pro Tools Technical Assistance & Mastered by: ROB GARRISON

Verse 1
Comes a time in every man's life
When it ain't about the journey no more
You just can't run from what your heart is telling you
That's for sure

Me, I've been running way too fast
Prisoner of my own deception
A windstorm has removed my mask
I stand here naked

Verse 2
I had a dream that my work still wasn't done
I was told to close out the day
I placed my wishes in the hands of my oldest son
Then an angel come and led me away

My skin was so cold
My body felt so old
My life just passed on by
It was time to say good-bye
I'm searching for Mount Carmel Ridge
Mount Carmel Ridge
To pull me back from the edge


Verse 3
I wonder do we ever get a second chance in life
To fix that went wrong and make it right
It's kinda like the final dance
At the end of a long winter's night

Nothing else really matters
So just hold on tight

I'm searching for Mount Carmel Ridge
Mount Carmel Ridge
To pull me back from the edge

Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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