Bill Sux Keep The Fire Burning
(1991 Mix)
TME - VR412 4:32
1991 RnB

Parental Advisory Alert

Words, Rap, Music & Arrangement By: TONY MARINACCI &


Produced & Engineered by: TONY MARINACCI &
Recorded at: Squel’s Living Room &
Audiomation Studios - Pittsburgh, PA
Mixed at: Audiomation Studios - Pittsburgh, PA
Mixed by: DEAN &
Mastered at: Madrigal Studios - Pittsburgh, PA

Verse 1
Me and the boys were walkin' down the street
Checkin' out the action down on the scene
We went to a club that we frequent a lot
And pretty soon the champagne bottles went pop

A fly girlie had come up to me
And I said - Yeah pretty baby my name is BC
We started to get wild out on the floor
And before ya know it the girlie said more

She said - Hey B.C. ya sure like to dance
But how are ya when it comes to takin' a chance
Ya see I'm not the kind of girl to keep my feelings sound
Beat around the bush or go round and round

I like to get to the point and not play games
I'd like to get to know ya and not just your name
So I thought I'd see what this girl could do
When you know it was more than my mind that she blew

Keep the fire burning
Verse 2
All these girlies think they're the best
It's like this every night I can't get no rest
I try hangin' with my friends or goin' out alone
And before ya know it a girlie takes me home

But I really hate when I can't make my connection
A rejection for no protection
But it's my fault to forget
And windin' up with something I'll regret

I'll tell ya what
I'm not one to bluff
Cause when I'm goin' to town
We ain't a messin' around

We Hip-Hop, don't stop, get this party really rocking
Sweat drips, girlie's hips up down shake boppin'
So get this straight all you square land-lubbers
The big B.C. is a kisser and a hugger
So don't send a P.I. undercover
To spy on me and your now defunct lover

Keep the fire burning

Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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