Tony Marinacci - Here We Go Here We Go
TMEAS66CD 3:42
2004 RnB with Rap

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Here We Go (redux) video
By: Tony Marinacci Featuring: Justan Mackowski, Phyllis Wellons and Nicole Francis


Words, Music & Arrangement By: TONY MARINACCI


Background Vocals: NICOLE FRANCIS &

Guitars, Drums, Bass & Keyboards:


Produced, Engineered & Mixed by: TONY MARINACCI
Assistant Producer: JUSTAN MACKOWSKI
Recorded at: TME Studio (H) - Pittsburgh, PA &
State Of Hearts Studios - Pittsburgh, PA
Mixed & Mastered at: TME Studio (H) - Pittsburgh, PA

Here we go
Here we go again
Down the same road
To where we began

Rap 1
Hey baby, what's up with all this bullshit
I Thought we was real, I thought we was one click
Guess not. Tried to play me for a dick
Told me deal with it, like that was it
But I ain't feelin' no sorrow, cause tomorrow
You'll wanna give me a holla
Guess ya found out I was the one wit the dollas
Guess ya forgot, I was a natural born balla,
Hustla, realized you's a money gussla
Flipped it, now I'm a pimp crusha

Verse 1
Baby here we go
Down that same road
To where we began
Just another bend
No! Not again
It’s just the same road
That we just go

Rap 2
We didn't chill long enough, I come from the heart
But ya still wanna to front,
Tryin' to clear my head, don't wanna spark this blunt
I need another girl, so I'm on the hunt
Realize it's the only way to maintain,
Like some simple shit, like baby what's your name,
Any ambition in life and do you want some fame
But you's a freak, like it raw
Getting on ya paws
Got me scared
What started as a wet dream turned into a night mare

Verse 2
It’s just the same thing
Just the same old rhyme
You Keep feeding me
Time after time
Why do you feel
You must deceive me
If I was your girl
Or if I’m ever gonna be


Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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