Justan Mackowski & Matt Sullivan, Featuring: Tony Marinacci & Cory McRae Free My Mind
(Radio Mix)
TMEAS54CD 5:08
3/05/2002 Freestyle Rap

Parental Advisory Alert

Music & Arrangement By: CORY McRAE &

Instruments: TONY MARINACCI &

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by: TONY MARINACCI
Assistant Producer & Second Engineer: CORY McRAE
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: TME Studio (U) - Pittsburgh, PA

Rap 1
I'll break any hand that steal on me
I'll steal a plate just to get a meal
Still it's whatever
You fuck with it's bad weather
No if I'm poppin collars or poppin holes in your sweater
I'm out to get my dollars clever
I mean I brings it prettier than a beauty parlor don't bother
You can't fade a goodfella's honor
All da drama you caused is heated hotter than a sauna

For that you going to be a goner you small time I'm Time Warner
The times prime when I see you gone up
In flames it's john Blaze in these last days
Prices bidded high wage
Blowin up like sky pagers

And it's the anger it's the rage I'm talkin' bout
I'm gettin in when I'm flippin' better lock me in a cage
Cause when I snap I misbehave in an ill mannered stage
Get off the stage give me the mic
Let me rhyme slay and make mouths freeze like klondike
Let me contemplate compact thoughts in my brain
This for your ears to list my shit on a disc being drained
Don't give me that lisp you can't resis the spontane
The champ knockin haters out in remains
Still simp narcs' you getting marked on the spot
Let me borrow that check so I can top any prospect
Yea I'm a rookie in the rise in the skies
Don't despise if I'm stackin dough

Rap 2
Livin lavish kept in the dark the hidden savage
From the start I'm makin bodies feel ravaged
Get the cream if I can grab it total concentration
Skills begin shaping open steals become taken
It's me smoke in the real token the faking
To be you gotta try so I rise my status elevatin
Rhymes tend to bond separated generations dictator
Top player of my rhythym nation

Weakness give in
So I live in off lines temptations
Words I be sayin be playin senses develop new sensations
Ease the tension release the frustration
Compete to achieve through participation
Bye bye procrastination
Deliver next line with no hesitation
Speak my mind the world is mine no negotiations

No time for talk fuck your rules fuck your regulations
How's that for an explanation
Caught in the middle well here's a little clarification
Pain inflicted I'm gifted with the gift of anticipation
Predication character assassinations lethal lacerations
Player hating it fuels my motivation
I know it's my time I'm not going to let it pass me by
I know to achieve I gotta try

Trying to release all these feelings I have trapped inside
Wanna put them into rhymes wanna free my mind
Been held back long enough it's my time to shine
The word is what make so I gotta make it mine

Trying to release al these feelings I have trapped inside
Wanna put them into rhymes wanna free my mind
Just to be fine to the head I puff a dime
No more last in line the world is mine
Rap 3
First and foremost let me propose a toast for two
I do what I do you follow what I do true
I stick together like skins on gators like uniforms on playa's
I bring more tomb than raider
You talking to the big man on campus enhanced with
Elegance when cameras pointin toward my intelligence
Musical medicine I'm sendin through your head
The Pittsburgh settlement developed by William Penn

It's what I'm livin in street life devilish
Me and my whores never kiss
Not to mention I'm reflected by the brightest beam of light to shine the best
Exquisite on the mic I excite with no contest
I'm a rhyme slayer I'll beat you down like a heavweighter
I'll do you dirty like a player fuck a hater
No politic'in I be spittin the real incision
No love for the players betraying you on a mission

Multiple acts I lax bringin the facts maximum cast
We come intact on the track
So where you at when these rhymes blaze search and sort
I know you heard what I thought
I'm breaking you off a little somtheing propaganda on the mandatory
This one goes out to your clique claimin them ghetto stories
We got you all mapped when them made men attack
If you ain't comin for my stacks I'm blowin contracts

Rap 4
I spark dis for you and I be lookin above
Don't wanna start this but when I catch the love
Cause all my life it's been so dark and dirty
If you look don't look cause all this pain it hurts me
I'm strugglin with reality hopin to maintain
I'm jugglin with insanity tryin to stay sane
Caught the same game new faces same names
It's time to gain on my future gotta take aim

Get some fame or is it just vain
Pump poisons I caught these lethal injections
All you catchin where's my shelter where's my protection
So lonely where's the affection
Always steppin in the wrong direction
I'm felling trapped gotta bad section
I need a blessin the dark is testing
Light is stressin'
Don't know what I should do so I'm guessin
And if I'm wrong I'll learn my lesson

Got me confesson that most of the times I don't be feelin right
So torn why was we born shit we can't fight
Sit back observe tell me it'll be all right
But if you was me you say spark that shit up in a hurry
I got so much to think about so I worry
Your heard me
Like Keith Murray
The weed clears my mind without it my thoughts are all blurry


Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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