Ryan Mulholland - Reaktion Decay
TMEAS61CD 5:28
11/25/2002 Industrial

Words, Music & Arrangement By: RYAN MULHOLLAND

Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards & Synthesizers: RYAN MULHOLLAND

Assistant Producer: CORY McRAE
Engineered & Mixed by: TONY MARINACCI
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: TME Studio (U) - Pittsburgh, PA

Verse 1
Crave consumption of what's mine
Pierce the walls of mortal minds
Fluid taste discolored skin
Clenching teeth-let it begin
Locked inside your mind attacks
Mirrored vision staring back
Love so meaningless and cold
Counting lies as they unfold

Your burning eyes
Speak wordless lies
Memories decaying
Silently demise
Disabled worlds
Waiting to collapse
Sudden scream-relapsed
Emotion made possession manipulation
Verse 2
Drugs of flesh
A lust for sin
Creeping fingers melting in
Stripping you from inside out
Addicted to your painful shouts
Cast the face of innocence
To the seas of ignorance
The feeling chokes your flawless soul
Sadistic torment in control


Verse 3
Strung out head-case wearing thin
Left to die with intimate sins
Walk beside my splintered bones
No, turn away I walk alone


Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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