Singine Cable Corpse
(Radio Mix)
TMEAS58CD 4:12
3/19/2002 Industrial

Parental Advisory Alert

Words, Music & Arrangement By: CORY McRAE

Vocals: Placenta Machine
Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizers: Placenta Machine

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by: TONY MARINACCI
Assistant Producer: CORY McRAE
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: TME Studio (U) - Pittsburgh, PA

Verse 1
We the people we the machines
Sacrificial inanimate dreams
Subsidized public policy
Encaging aristocracy

Transmitted installment plan
Store bought degradation in hand
Deglamorization of a nation
A tale of so much complication

Bridge 1

Verse 2
Mediated propaganda
Vindication of Miranda
Industrial annihilation
Established all this segregation

Noumenon Desecrate
Government manipulate
Peaceful thought hallucination
Rupture lung smoke inhalation

Dreams crushed by life
Dreams crushed in time

I want more life
I want more time
This world can't be for real
An oppression to the soul man what's the deal
You take what's left compress the chest
Buried in dirt now lay to rest
Verse 3
Cable corpse forced into motion
Speed lane drive mental erosion
Burnt flesh walk the oven
Meat test taste remain (rotting)
Piss on wire a golden shower
The caustic tongue now will devour
Revolting Casanova beat the dog into a daze

Bridge 1

Verse 4
Oil reserve refinery
Provisions used so carelessly
Distinct extinction right on course
Breakdown evolution
All hope lost humanity
Mainframe god our sanity
Dissolved mortal technology
Jack-knife mind synchronic

Bridge 1




Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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