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TME Recordings handles all commercial releases from the Media Management division of Total Music & Entertainment. We have a growing catalogue of commercial releases and have partnered with many major record labels such as; Universal Republic, Atlantic, Interscope, Columbia and Virgin. We are also the exclusive distribution label for the many songwriters of Tony Marinacci Publishing Company - BMI.

We produce a wide variety of music in-house from; Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, Reggae and Jazz-Fusion, but are capable of producing any genre. We have built an array of composition and production tools and our in-house music and sound production capabilities are on par with any facility. This means our songwriters are able to deliver a broadcast quality product for commercial radio, motion picture, television, the Internet, or beyond.

We are committed to presenting the highest quality production we can achieve to allow the songwriter and artist the absolute freedom to express what ever they feel creatively. With our vision to look beyond standard outlets, our songwriters have been able to achieve success they may not have otherwise. We are also able to provide opportunities to our songwriters who become artists that are beyond traditional avenues with a broad range of digital as well as physical media distribution and other sales so that they can reach profitability sooner.

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